What Are the Laws Governing Ethically Responsible Clothing

To comprehend fully the laws that have been stated for ethically responsible clothing, it is important to understand the true meaning of the term ethically responsible clothing. Actually ethical consumerism has reached out towards ethically responsible clothing.The basic idea of ethically responsible clothing is to purchase only those clothes and accessories that are manufactured through processes, which are affiliated to ethics and come up to the moral requirements that are set by the society. This means that the entire process and procedure should not have a single activity that engages in abuse of animal, humans, or nature in any context.As per the laws, the fabric used for dresses should not cause any harm to the society in anyway. This prohibits the use of non-organic fabrics. The reason for not opting for inorganic cotton is the fact that it releases air pollutants in the environment. Farmers require extreme use of pesticides.These pesticides not only contaminate nearby water, but also damage the environment because of the harmful chemicals of which it is comprised. Colour dyes that are used in the manufacturing process of outfits are also harmful as they secrete chromium, chlorine, and other pollutants in the ambiance. The workers thereby are exposed to dangerous content, which may result in health problems. These toxic pesticides, insecticides and chemicals are known to increase chronic health problems. World Trade Organisation estimates 20000 deaths and three million chronic health problems that have been measured in developing countries due to pesticide use.Ethically responsible clothing also means that the workers should be treated fairly. None of the workers, should over work or be paid unfairly. However big manufacturing companies, used to put up their plants in developing countries and take advantage of poverty, ignorance, family pressure, etc to abuse the labour class. The labours should not work more than 60 hours per week, should be paid for any overtime they do, should be given medical facilities and emergency leaves. Besides these, the working conditions for the labour class should be safe, healthy, and clean.Animals are an important part of our ecosystem. Any abuse or harm to animals while making clothes is unethical. This prohibits the use of leather as the material is gained after killing animals. People are big fans of leather; even crocodile skin is used for making accessories.However, what there is to know is the fact that it is against ethical laws. Some of the organisations work on such policies, that in order to follow moral values, they prohibit the use of wool as well. There is a variety of boutiques out there following ethical rules. If you are unsure about a company, and you believe that it does not fully adhere to ethical laws, it is better to research and make a wise decision.Protection of humans, animals, and nature is the right and responsibility of every individual being. Hence, it is important to be aware of the laws stated for ethically responsible clothing and adhere to them.

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