Shooting Clothing – What Do You Need?

Shooting Clothing Shops are the ideal place for all your shooting clothes and accessories.  Whether you are an experienced hunter, or just starting clay pigeon shooting, you will find that the right sort of clothing can make you comfier, warmer and drier, and hopefully help you to be a better shot.Shirts are designed to be warm, yet give you enough room to move your arms.  The cut will be designed so that you can hold your gun comfortably, without being restricted by your shirt.Fleeces can be worn over shirts and provide warmth.  Depending on the weather, you might not need anything more than a shirt and a fleece.  Or alternatively, you might wear a fleece under your jacket to give you another layer of warmth, and more pockets.Jackets are designed to blend in with the surroundings, and to be waterproof, warm, and to resist tears. Big pockets are essential, and so is a hood.  You may find that a 3-in-1 jacket will be ideal for you.  It has a detachable waistcoat, so the jacket and waistcoat can be worn individually, or zipped together to provide additional warmth and flexibility. Trousers will need to be tough and strong so that they don’t rip easily, no matter whether you are walking through dense undergrowth, or have an excitable dog at your heels.Breeks are ¾ length trousers and ideal for those who prefer to wear long socks with their boots whilst out hunting.  There are waterproof breeks available as well, which will help to keep you warm and dry.Gloves and hats are important additions to any hunting clothing wardrobe.  You’ll need to make sure that you can still shoot if you are wearing your gloves, and that your hat keeps you warm, and yet doesn’t interfere with your vision.In addition to shooting clothing, you’ll also need the right accessories to ensure that your hunt is successful.  You’ll need a pair of good binoculars so that you can see what’s going on around you.  Your binoculars will also need to be easy to use when your hands are cold and wet.  As your binoculars will be used often, you will want to look for a pair that is shockproof and water resistant, so that they don’t damage easily. Cartridge bags will hold your cartridges, and the size of bag you need, will depend on the amount of cartridges you want to take with you.Now you know more about shooting clothing, isn’t it time you treated yourself to a new shooting jacket or cartridge bag?